Any Fellow who completes the following will be considered for Mastership.

1. 50 successful cases over one year old including:

  • 4 closed sinus lifts
  • 2 open sinus lifts
  • 4 anterior extractions/ immediate placements
  • 4 posterior extractions/ immediate placements
  • 4 immediate load cases
  • 8 anterior cases
  • 8 posterior cases
  • 2 full arch fixed cases
  • 2 full arch removable.
  • 2 implant rescues
  • These cases could include those submitted by candidate for Fellowship.

2. 500 hours lecture or hands on continuing education courses with the following minimums.

  • 24 hours CE in Removable Prosthetic Dentistry
  • 16 hours CE in Radiology Related Courses
  • 24 hours CE in Occlusion and Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • 16 hours CE in Smile Design/Cosmetic Dentistry
  • 50 hours CE in Surgery Related Subjects including Anesthesia, Sedation, and Pain Control

3. Oral defense of two cases chosen by the evaluator from the submitted cases.
The defense will be conducted over telephone with a duration of no longer than 15 minutes for each case.
If the evaluator is not satisfied with the defense, he/she can choose one or two other cases from the submissions for a second chance. Satisfaction of the evaluator is necessary for ultimate success of the candidate. The evaluator may recommend further education and/;or more practice to the candidate.
If the candidate is not convinced by the decision of the evaluator, he/she can appeal that decision to the Accreditation Board of GAOI and the Board will assign another evaluator to hear the defense of the candidate. If the second evaluator concurs with the first, the decision becomes final and candidate must wait another year and resubmit his/her application. If the second decision comes different than the first, a third evaluator will be assigned and the majority decision will be the result of defense.

4. A candidate can submit his/her own documents to be considered for Mastership.

5. A $375 processing fee.