Repairing Gum Recession Implant #8

Two Pack A Day Smoker

State of mouth on first visit #8 Before #8 Abutment Full porcelain e-max #8 restored Jan 2016 Right side before treatment After 3, 4, & 5 Upper right Implanova® PFM for 3, 4,& 5 10 Implanova® 29, 30,& 31 #8 4 years old, #9 immediate placement with Implanova® Upper left side in progress with Implanova® […]

Nasal Lift

Collagen roof Exposing the nasal cavity Introducing the implant Layer of collagen under the membrane Lifting the nasal floor that is comparable to an open sinus lift Sutured membrane

4 Year Old Fridge Case

Fridge Case Video

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