Video: Immediate Anterior Bridge

The period between the implant placement and final restoration is often the most dreaded time for implant patients. If the implanted teeth are in front of the mouth the chance that the patient goes through this period without any teeth is very slim. More and more patients are rejecting any removable appliances in their mouths. […]

Video: Repairing the ora-antral fistula

Oro-antral fistula is a complication of a failed implant and/or an extraction in the upper molar areas. With sinus elevation procedures becoming more and more common, the failure and subsequent infection of the sinus floor has become more common and therefore more oro-antral fistulas are seen in practice. When the communication of oral cavity and […]

Why are Pouches Superior to Vials for Dental Implant Packaging?

Why vials were used in the past? Dental implants were first commercialized for the industry by using vials as it was a relatively okay solution to ensure the implants that were sterile and would remain so. Injectable water vials were the first packaging solution for dental implants. Many factories were easily capable of of making […]

When the abutment screw does not turn open

If the abutment / crown are well fitting and immobile, treat the restoration like a natural tooth: Attempt to prepare it for a crown and impression it like regular C&B case. Half way through, the existing crown can be delaminated from the underlying abutment , reducing the need to fully prepping the metal. By then […]