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IMPLANT MASTER-TRACK: Coaching and Mentoring Program

IMPLANT MASTER-TRACK: Coaching and Mentoring Program

The Implant Master-Track Coaching and Mentoring program, under the auspices of GAOI®, is designed to provide the practicing dentist, with a comprehensive yet flexible coaching and mentoring schedule to get the knowledge and skills necessary to master the complete modern surgical and restorative techniques necessary to establish and run a successful and profitable dental implant practice. As the name implies, at the end of 18 months, provided that other conditions have been met, the participants will be eligible to earn “Master” status at the GAOI®.

A: Participation Courses

1. Mini Residency and Protocol Course total 144 CE hours (R)

The GAOI®’s Mini Residency is designed to jump start the general dentist to incorporate dental implants in his/her practice. All 3 modules can be completed within 6 months.
  • (R101-R103) Module 1 Basic dental Implantology
  • (R104-R106) Module 2 Intermediate Implantology
  • (R107-R109) Module 3 Complex Implantology
Although each module can be taken independent of others, dentists are encouraged to take all 3 modules for thorough understanding of the possibilities in implantology. Protocol CE credits are available only to those who attend all 3 modules.

2. One Day Implant Boot Camps (B)

GAOI®’ s one day Implant Boot Camps are designed around very specific topics to not only show the participants as to how and why certain procedures are done but also to coach them to actually perform those procedures in an acceptable way for ultimate success.
  • (B201) Advanced Surgical and Restorative Solutions for the GP – An Introduction for the Beginners or Booster for the Experienced
  • (B202) Surgical confidence builder boot camp for the budding surgeon
  • (B203) Marketing, treatment planning and treatment presentation boot camp for the entire team
  • (B204) Record keeping, 3D radiography and treatment planning
  • (B205) Implant Marathon
  • (B206) Bone grafts, PRF,BMP, Flaps and Sutures boot camp
  • (B207) Extraction and basic oral surgery boot camp
  • (B208) Sinus lift boot camp

3. Reality Implantology Series (T)

Reality Implantology series are half day sessions that start with a clinical case directly associated with implantology and allows one hour of discussion between participants and instructor.

These sessions can be attended live or watched live online.

  • (T101) Simple implant placement(s)
  • (T102) Use of bone graft for socket and buccal plate preservation
  • (T103) Immediate placement of a single / multiple implant
  • (T104) Immediate placement and temporization in the esthetic zone
  • (T105) Using stock abutment and CAD-CAM to make an implant crown in one session
  • (T106) Management of a surgical complication
  • (T107) Management of a restorative complication
  • (T108) Management of an implant failure
  • (T109) Closed sinus lift and immediate implant placement
  • (T110) Open sinus lift and implant placement
  • (T111) Picking up of a full arch Fridge caps
  • (T112) Trimming, delivery and occlusal adjustment of a full arch implant supported bridge
  • (T113) Delivery of multi-unit implant supported restoration
  • (T114) Abutment selection of a Fridge case, immediate or delayed
B: Treatment Plan Assistance
As part of the mentoring program, participants can send up to 20 pretreatment radiographs for the 18 month period to their instructor for affirmation of proposed treatment and implant selection. The necessary information should be sent to edu@new.implantedu.org.
C: Participation in Quarterly Supervised Live Practice Clinic for 18 months 4-8 CE

To further build the confidence of the participants and hone in their surgical and restorative skills, we have arranged quarterly clinics that master track dentists can bring their patients for implant placement/restoration in presence of and under supervision of our faculty.

D: Providing Information and Assist with any Clinical Questions on the Subject and Our Material
Mastership-track fellows have unlimited e-mail/phone call support from the faculty on the subjects covered in the 18 month period.
Implant Master-Track Fees include:
  1. Single access to Mini Residency including Protocol learning credits
  2. Access to all Boot Camps with $100 non-refundable reservation for 2 years
  3. Unlimited access to Reality series online or recorded for 2 years
  4. Access to Reality series in person with $50 non-refundable reservation for 2 years
  5. Unlimited access to live or recorded hour long Webinars for 2 years
  6. Unlimited access to the recorded library for 2 years
  7. Treatment plan assistance 18 months
  8. Supervised live practice clinic 18 months
  9. Unlimited e-mail/phone support 18 months
  10. Special discounted prices for goods purchased through our sponsors for 3 years

Lunch is served for all day long events at the center. Parking is validated for all attendees.

Cancellations and Refunds:

Students can cancel the 18 month program at any time with 30 day notice. In case of cancellation before the 18th payment, student will be responsible only for the individual courses taken up to 30 days after cancellation according to the fees for the individual events. If payments made are more than the courses taken, a refund will be made for the difference. If more courses are taken than are paid for, the remainder will be charged to the student.

Some of the courses mentioned here may NOT be available.

Academy reserves the right to cancel/postpone a specific class.