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Mini Residency (144CE hours ) (R)

Mini Residency (144CE hours ) (R)

The GAOI®’s Mini Residency is designed to jump start the general dentist to incorporate dental implants in his / her practice. All 3 modules are completed in 6 months. Emphasis is placed on the clinical and patient management aspect of dental implantology. Students earn additional 72 CE hours (protocol hours) upon satisfactory presentation of their clinical work in between modules. Although each module can be taken independent of others, dentists are encouraged to take all 3 modules for thorough understanding of the possibilities in implantology. Protocol CE credits are available only to those who attend all 3 modules.


(R101) Day 1 | Basic Dental Implantology Lecture 8 CE

  • Anatomy and physiology for dental implantology
  • Diagnosis, 2D and 3D radiographs, photographs
  • Treatment planning and presentation


  • Patient selection for implants and implant selection for patients
  • Flap access design and suturing for implant placement
  • Introduction to implant systems and tool                                           

(R102) Day 2 | Basic Dental Implantology Hands-On | Lab 8 CE

  • Revision of implant armamentaria
  • Demonstration of implant placement steps
  • Student placement of implants in the models
  • Immediate single stage or double stage


  • Osteotomy of implant placement practice on model:
  • Dense bone model
  • Porous bone model
  • Osteotomy on incline surface
  • Osteotomy in existing sockets 

(R103) Day 3 | Basic Dental Implantology Live Surgical | Clinic 8 CE


  • Pre-operative and post-operative care of implant patients
  • Treatment planning and diagnosis of the afternoon patients
  • Expected outcomes of the afternoon patients


  • 1-2 live implant placements by students. Patients provided by GAOI      
  • Assignment of protocol cases for residency participants                                                       


(R104) Day 1 | Advanced Surgical Implantology | Lecture 8 CE


  • Revision of protocol cases by residency participants
  • Marketing the general practice for dental implants
  • Selling the doctor as the expert of dental implants
  • Treatment presentation and selling dental implants


  • Immediate placement- the new standard of care
  • Criteria and methods for immediate implant placement
  • Implant placement in the esthetic zone
  • Segmental placement  

(R105) Day 2 | Advanced Site Development Hands-On | Lab 8 CE

  • Ridge preservation and preparation
  • Bone grafting: Allograft vs. Xenograft vs. Autograft vs. PRF vs. BMP
  • Closed sinus grafting
  • Guided tissue regeneration- Teflon vs. Collagen vs. Placenta


  • Extraction of teeth in anticipation of implant placement
  • Bone harvesting techniques: Nibbler, 557, Sraper, Crusher, etc.
  • PRF exercise: Phlebotomy and Centrifuge
  • Ridge augmentation techniques
  • Demonstration of the guided system

(R106) Day 3 | Advanced Surgical Implantology | Clinic 8 CE

  • Implant level impression and custom abutments vs. stock abutments
  • Review of sinus lift procedures


  • Sinus lift demonstration and immediate implant placement
  • Questions and answers     
  • Protocol assignment for residency participants


(R107) Day 1 | Full Arch Restoration Lecture 8 CE

  • Marketing, selling & scheduling full-mouth implant cases
  • 2D & 3D record taking
  • Options for full-mouth implant prosthesis
  • Patient requirements and qualifications for implant surgery
  • Surgical planning for each option
  • Conditions for immediate loading
  • Principles of occlusion for full-mouth rehabilitation
  • Occlusal considerations for implant supported prosthesis
  • Analog vs. digital workflow

(R108) Day 2 | Full Arch Implant Restoration | Lecture 8 CE

  • Patient preparation, requirements, and limitations for full-mouth surgery 
  • Detailed surgical procedure for placement and immediate loading of full-mouth implant prosthesis
  • Bone grafting choices
  • Sinus elevation as part of the immediate implant prosthesis
  • Abutment selection
  • Management of implant placement complications

(R109) Day 3 | Full Arch Fixed Implant Restoration Hands-On | Lab 8 CE

  • Review of variations in implant placement protocol 
  • Fabrication of the immediate full-mouth prosthesis
  • Conversion of a denture to full-mouth implant prosthesis on an acrylic implant model
  • Implant aided full-arch teeth replacement options
  • Hands-on selection of abutment by participants in a worst-case scenario model
  • Hands-on conversion of a denture to a fixed implant supported prosthesis on an acrylic implant model by participants
  • Management of post-implant complications
  • Impression making / scanning for the final zirconia prosthesis
  • Lab instructions for the final fixed implant supported prosthesis
  • Installation of the final zirconia prosthesis on the implants











All 3 Modules: total 72 hours (Instruction) + 72 hours (Protocol)
Presented in a 6 month period