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One Day Implant Boot Camps (B)

One Day Implant Boot Camps (B)

GAOI®’ s one day Implant Boot Camps are designed around very specific topics to not only show the participants as to how and why certain procedures are done but also to coach them to actually perform those procedures in an acceptable way for ultimate success.

(B101) Advanced Surgical and Restorative Solutions for the GP:
An Introduction for the Beginners or Booster for the Experienced
Lecture and Demonstration 8 CE

  • Immediate placements
  • Simple sinus lift techniques
  • Screw-less/cement free full arch restorations
  • Implanova® Self grafting and self osteomizing implant system
  • Occlusal considerations for implant restorations

(B102) Surgical Confidence Builder Boot Camp for the Budding Surgeon
Hands-on 8 CE

  • Soft tissue incisions (cadaver/animal/model)
  • Partial thickness vs. full thickness (cadaver/animal/model)
  • Principles of bone cutting
  • Osteotomy modifiers
  • 50 osteotomy and implant placements on models representing every conceivable clinical situation (models and real implants)

(B103) Marketing, Treatment Planning, and Treatment Presentation Boot Camp for the Entire Team
Lecture and Role Play 8 CE

  • How to successfully market your practice for dental implants
  • How to convince your patients that they are in the right place
  • What is the doctor’s role?
  • What is the dental assistant’s role?
  • What is the treatment coordinator’s role?
  • Acceptable financing options

(B104) Record Keeping, 3D Radiography, and Treatment Planning
Lecture and Hands-on 8 CE

  • Intra oral and extra oral photography practice
  • Photography equipment
  • Cone beam 3D radiography
  • Important landmarks
  • In-house or radiologist interpretation

(B105) Implant Marathon
Live Surgical (Limited Space) 8 CE

  • Real life observation of implant case presentations
  • Real life implant placements from anesthesia to sutures
  • Real life implant restoration, single/multiple teeth/Fridge
  • Real life management of implant cases
  • A day in a busy implant practice with opportunities to ask and get explanation for each procedure

(B106) Bone Grafts, PRF,BMP, Flaps and Sutures Boot Camp
Hands-on 8 CE

  • What it takes to form bone and what you should look for in a graft material
  • Indications for different synthetic and organic choices
  • Principles of flap design (model)
  • Suture material variety, suturing techniques and indications for each (model)
  • Care of intra oral wounds and possible complications

(B107) Extraction and Basic Oral Surgery Boot Camp
Lecture 8 CE

  • Principles of simple extractions
  • Surgical extractions
  • Impacted tooth extraction
  • Armamentaria for extractions
  • Frenectomy, biopsy, crown lengthening

(B108) Sinus Lift Boot Camp
Lecture and Model Practice 8 CE

  • When is a lift indicated? When can we get away without one?
  • When and how we do “closed” lift? (models)
  • When and how do we do “open” lift? (models)
  • Armamentaria and materials of sinus elevations
  • Success rate and management of complications

Immediate Placement Boot Camp 8 CE

  • Why is immediate placement the standard of care?
  • Immediate placement and decreased morbidity
  • What implant designs are conducive to immediate placement?
  • Criteria for immediate placement in single-rooted teeth
  • Criteria for immediate placement in multi-rooted teeth
  • Preservation of buccal plate at immediate placement
  • Immediate loading of immediately placed implants
  • Step-by-step instructional videos