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Fellow Dentists

Fellow Dentists

Any member dentist that has demonstrated basic and essential knowledge and skills of implantology will be considered for Fellowship.

To be eligible for Fellowship in GAOI®:

1. Must have completed GAOI®’s Mini Residency or at a minimum equivalent of it, within the past 24 months.

2. Must have earned at least 85 CE hours in hands-on and total of 150 CE hours in oral implantology courses in the preceding 24 months.

3. Must have placed and restored 20 documented cases* in the past 24 months.
One case is defined as either a placement or restoration of at least one implant in a quadrant.
Multiple implants/restorations at the same time and same quadrant count as a single case.
Must show before and after.
Radiographs and final photographs of 10 placement and 10 implant restoration in at least 5 individuals OR 20 of each, placement or restoration, on at least 10 individuals.
Two implants in two quadrants and a full denture count as 4 cases.
A full arch restoration like a denture counts as 2 restorative cases. If the dentist is restricted to either the surgical part or the restorative part, each quadrant is qualified for one case.
Mini implant placement counts as ½ case. Cases must represent a cross section of cases in the practice.
Radiographs can be either 2D or 3D. Photographs must show occlusal as well as facial view.
*The cases that are presented for Protocol study in the Residency can also be submitted for consideration for Fellowship.

4. Must take online written multiple choice tests scoring at least 75%.
Candidates will be eligible to take the tests after completion of the Module 2 of Residency.
There are two tests conducted in tandem, one in surgical phase and the other in restorative phase of oral implantology.
Alternatively, the candidate can take both tests in the same field of implantology.
Questions are based on the materials covered in the Residency program and is approved and graded by the Accreditation Committee of GAOI®.
The test can be repeated once a month for a total of 3 times. After the third attempt, candidate is asked to complete at least 50 CE hours in implantology, before he/she can take the test again.
One time payment of $275 processing fee.

5. Fellowship wall certificate is a prestigious timeless document indicating the special training and interest of the Fellow in the field of oral implantology.
The logo of GAOI® indicating fellowship status can be added to marketing materials of the Fellow.