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It is needless to say that your natural, healthy teeth in the right position are the best tools for chewing your food, aesthetics, and speech. Unfortunately, for various reasons, some people end up losing their natural teeth. If the general health of an individual allows oral surgery, dental implants are the best…

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The surgical portion of dental implants can run around $1000-$2500, depending on individual variations. A necessary component of implanted teeth is an abutment that ranges from $100-$450. For restoration, a single tooth implant restoration costs anywhere from $800-$2000.

One of the most common complications of dental implants is a lack of integration or implant failure. Many factors can contribute to the implant failure, most important of which is overloading and early loading of a freshly placed implant. You must inquire with your dentist as to when and how you can start using your new implanted teeth.