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The surgical portion of dental implants can run around $1000-$2500, depending on individual variations. Other influencers on the price of an implant surgery are:

  • Place of manufacture for the implant (US-made implants are believed to be superior and more costly)
  • Type of implant system used
  • Whether the implant has to be two-stage or can be placed single stage.
  • Whether it is an immediate placement or goes into healed bone.
  • Whether it’s immediately loaded or not
  • Whether a bone graft is needed or not
  • Whether a GBR/GTR procedure is needed
  • Whether a sinus elevation is required

A necessary component of implanted teeth is an abutment that ranges from $100-$450. The following are the influencing factors for the price of the abutment:

  • Whether its stock or custom
  • Type of implant system used
  • Whether the material is titanium or zirconium
  • Place of manufacture

For restoration, a single tooth implant restoration costs anywhere from $800-$2000. The influencing factors for these prices are:

  • The material of the restoration
  • Method of manufacture of the restoration
  • Whether it is a back tooth or a front tooth

Cost of multiple teeth restorations vary on whether the prosthesis is removable or fixed. A fixed implant supported restoration can cost from $8000-$30000, depending on how this prosthesis is attached to the implants.

Over the past decades, the processes and procedures for implant placement and restorations have been refined and improved to make the overall experience easier and more streamlined for the patient and simpler and more straightforward for the dentists. Although some dentists still use the more cumbersome and therefore more expensive techniques of yesteryear technologies, a modern dentist takes advantage of the newer systems and materials that in addition to providing a more reliable and stronger restoration, costs less time for the dentist and less money for the patient. Therefore, a mere higher cost of the implant process for the dentist that results in higher implant fees does not necessarily reflect better quality and outcome for the patient. Similarly, lower costs of implants process for the dentist that leads to overall lower costs of implants for the patients, does not necessarily mean inferior product and result for the patient.