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Video: Immediate Anterior Bridge

The period between the implant placement and final restoration is often the most dreaded time for implant patients. If the implanted teeth are in front of the mouth the chance that the patient goes through this period without any teeth is very slim. More and more patients are rejecting any removable appliances in their mouths. This rejection can be an obstacle in accepting implant treatment as opposed to a fixed bridge where the adjacent teeth can be prepared and the patient can be fitted with a fixed temporary bridge.

In addition, any temporary removable appliance can and will put pressure on the newly placed implants thereby either prematurely exposing the buried implants or interfering with the integration of the implants.

On the other hand, an unreliable fixed temporary bridge can be a source of frustration and patient dissatisfaction.

Following is a method of using fiber reinforcement and bonding procedures to create a temporary anterior bridge over freshly placed implants with healing caps. This technique should last the 2 to 4 month period necessary for the implants to get integrated.

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